Shri Sai Realistic Led Candle - Set of 3

Shri Sai Realistic Led Candle - Set of 3

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A set of three pillar candles with , a life-like natural flicker, soft, warm, capturing beautiful images of Shri Sai - perfect for spaces meant to be serene and blissful.

With their creamy, off-white wax-like exteriors, life-like natural faux flicker, this set of pillar candles imitates the warm ambiance of real candles without the worry of messy drippings or open flame. Enjoy the illumination of Shri Sai’s images and have His benevolence showered. 

These battery-operated candles are virtually indistinguishable from an actual burning candle. These flame-replicating designer candles use electro-magnetics, a process combined with LED lights, to produce a unique artificial flickering flame. Flameless wax pillars are a safe alternative to real candles

3 AAA batteries included with each candle.

Size : L 3 x H 6 Inches,  L 3 x H 5 Inches,    L 3 x H 4 Inches

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