Shri Shirdi Sai - Chavadi Procession in all its glory

Shri Shirdi Sai - Chavadi Procession in all its glory

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The entire story revolving around the Chavadi procession has been detailed lovingly by Hemadpant in Shri Sai Satcharitra. Well described, capturing the moods and moments of the various people participating in the procession, he has managed to create a visual delight for all Shri Sai devotees. The routine of Shri Sai in Shirdi was maintained so that He would sleep in the Dwarkamai on one day and in Chavadi (a small one or two room building near the Masjij) on the next day. This sleeping arrangement in an alternative manner in both these buildings continued till Shri Sai’s Mahasamadhi. The devotees began to offer unvarying worship to Shri Sai in the Chavadi from 10th December 1909 onwards.

When the time would come of departing to the Chavadi, people congregated to the Masjid and would start singing Bhajans in the open courtyard.  Various instruments like the Tal, Chiplis and Kartal, Mridang, Khanjiri and Ghol were used by people who used them in accompaniment to thier singing. Shri Sai Baba was the Magnet who drew all the devotees to Him there. The corner was enhanced using buntings. The entire area around the Dwarkamai, rows of lamps were lit to add to the beauty. His horse 'Shyamakarna' waited fully embellished  outside. Then Tatya Patil came with a party of men to Shri Sai and asked Him to be ready.

Tatya would offer a beautiful golden-embroidered shawl over His body. The ambience would be full of gaity and festivity with all musical instruments like mridang, horns,  tashe and band being played out simultaneously.  Fire-works would be displayed. People all around would start the procession chanting Shri Sai’s name. Some danced with joy and some carried various beautifully decorated and coloured flags. Tatya held the left hand and Mhalasapati the right and Bapusaheb Jog held the chhatra (umbrella) over Shri Sai’s head. In this fashion Shri Sai  marched on to the Chavadi. Hari-nama would be chanted along with the musical notes and it would seem as if the chanting is reaching to the skies. In this manner the procession reached the corner. This unique picture tries to reflect that ambience, gaity and fervor.

Precious stories, depicted interestingly as imprinted on unique ceramic photo frame which could be hung on wall or kept on a table.

Such interesting stories are created to celebrate some of the momentous incidents in Shri Sai’s timeline. Capturing the essence of some of such moments, have crafted them as stories ‘printed’ on stunningly unique ceramic sleek surfaces with a matt cork finish at the base. 

Note : Chavadi Procession details are referenced from 'Shri Sai SatCharitra'

      Size : L 5.5 x H 8 Inches

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