Shri Sai Flameless Candles with remote - Set of 3

Shri Sai Flameless Candles with remote - Set of 3

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A set of three pillar candles with melted edges highlight and accentuate the soft, warm, capturing beautiful images of Shri Sai - perfect for spaces meant to be serene and blissful. Includes the remote allowing for a preference-tailored experience with a choice of coloured lights.

With their creamy, off-white wax-like exteriors, life-like natural faux light, this set of pillar candles imitates the warm ambiance of real candles without the worry of messy drippings or open flame. Includes a remote for ambiance controlled at a distance. Enjoy the illumination of Shri Sai’s images and have His benevolence showered. 

These battery-operated candles with remote control are virtually indistinguishable from an actual burning candle. Flameless wax pillars are a safe alternative to real candles

3 AAA batteries included with each candle.

Size: L 3 X B 3 X H 6, L 3 X B 3 X H 5, L 3 X B 3 X H 4   Inches

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