Hand 'Mudra' - T light & Incense Holder - Inner Peace

Hand 'Mudra' - T light & Incense Holder - Inner Peace

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The calming effects of incense help improve sleep and relieve stress. These incense aromas work to tranquilize your mind, relieve fatigue and soothe nerves. Just as the hand mudra suggests of this beautifully designed T light and incense holder, the call is for inner peace. The hand seems to hold a lotus flower in its forefinger and thumb

A beautiful expression of love and purity is the Lotus Mudra. The Lotus flower reminds one to be open, blossoming and full of possibilities. The intention is to draw oneself inwards, and to bring about tranquility and inner peace. Give yourself the power to soothe your senses.

Create a pleasant mood in your home, office or even a yoga room. Suitable for stick incense, joss stick, tower incense, incense coil.

Size : 6.5 x 2.5 Inches

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