Dhoop Dhuni Loban Burner

Dhoop Dhuni Loban Burner

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This Traditional designed Dhoop Dhooni Loban Burner made up of brass material with brass handle which makes it more comfortable to hold. It can be easily used for inserting loban, samarni ,bakhoor, dhoop incense sticks or as a diffuser for cones. In the traditional days it was used for diffusing "dhoop" during poojas cerimonies.


Create a meditative and peaceful ambiance in your puja room.Perfect art of Ethnic Home Decor which is finely crafted and designed Handmade by Indian skillful craftsmen.Use as a daily ritual at dawn and dusk or simply as home décor.


This beautiful and elegant burner will make your home or sacred place look great.It also keeps insects away and fills the house with positivity. It is easy to hold for doing "Dhuni" in your entire house. 


This can be gifted to sweet ones as a wonderful anniversary, wedding, birthdays ,diwali, valentine gift. Perfect for worship place as well as special occasions/ festivities. Ideal for puja, auspicious occasions & festivals of India.

Material: Brass | Color Yellow Gold | Size: 7 Inches Height and 7 Inches Length

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