Oval Ceramic Sai Face

Oval Ceramic Sai Face

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Oval Ceramic photos of Shri Sai Baba 

One of the most familiar photo of Shri Sai, of Him sitting on stone as reflected in the famous painting placed at Dwarkamai. Baba is shown sitting with his right leg crossed over the left leg on a large stone. He left hand rests on the crossed foot. He is wearing a torn kafni (which became synonymous with his image subsequently), a knotted kind of headscarf on his left shoulder. He seems to sit relaxed yet alert, leaning forward slightly. His expression is at enigmatic and all-knowing.

The close up of the face of this much loved black and white image of Shri Sai has been captured on this unique ceramic base with blue colour hues. It highlights His compassionate eyes, the penetrating look, a slight smile hovering at the corner of His lips. This is truly that one photo of Shri Sai that one wants to keep forever in mind and in front of one's eyes.

In a unique oval shape design, beautiful to hang or to gift to someone or simply to keep in the puja room.

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