Shri Sai Moments - 3 – Watering flowers

Shri Sai Moments - 3 – Watering flowers

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The ceramic Sai moments are created to celebrate some of the momentous incidents in Shri Sai’s timeline. Capturing the essence of some of such moments, have crafted them as stories ‘printed’ on stunningly unique ceramic sleek surfaces with a matt cork finish at the base.

This particular story on ceramic, is about the time when Shri Sai used to visit Rahata, a nearby village, from where He would bring saplings of marigold and jasmine and plant in a desolate land with His own hand. He used to water them regularly. His devotee Vaman tatya used to supply Him two unbaked pots everyday. Shri Sai would fill these pots from the stone vessel near the well and carry them on His shoulder to water the plants and by the evening He would place them under the Neem tree. The pots would crack as soon as they were placed. Next day, Vaman would bring Him two new unbaked pots. This continued for few years and finally with Shri Sai’s toil and labour, there grew a beautiful garden.

Precious stories, depicted interestingly as imprinted on unique ceramic photo frame which could be hung on wall or kept on a table.

Take your pick! Which one of the story appeals to you the most ? Maybe you will find yourself spoilt for choice. 

Size : L 5.5 x H 8 Inches

Dimension Size: L 5.5 x H 8 Inches
Material Ceramic

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