Shri Sai Moments - 7 – Shri Sai serving the needy and ill

Shri Sai Moments - 7 – Shri Sai serving the needy and ill

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The ceramic Sai moments are created to celebrate some of the momentous incidents in Shri Sai’s timeline. Capturing the essence of some of such moments, have crafted them as stories ‘printed’ on stunningly unique ceramic sleek surfaces with a matt cork finish at the base.

As described in “Shri Sai Satcharita”, from the very early days in Shirdi, Shri Sai  used to serve the distressed persons.

In the beginning He used to go around Shirdi village and treat the sick persons by medicines. He did not charge any fees and brought health to the poor & helpless. After some time, He stopped giving medicines and started using the udi (holy ash from Dhuni) for curing diseases. Some times, He used to cure his devotees` diseases by using superhuman power.

In the beginning, Shri Sai not only gave medicines to the sick persons but would Himself serve them in case there was nobody else to do so.

This picture exhibits one such moment of Shri Sai serving the needy.

Precious stories, depicted interestingly as imprinted on unique ceramic photo frame which could be hung on wall or kept on a table.

Take your pick! Which one of the story appeals to you the most ? Maybe you will find yourself spoilt for choice. 

      Size : L 5.5 x H 8 Inches

Dimension L 5.5 x H 8 Inches
Material Ceramics

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