Shri Sai Moments -1 - Chand Patils Horse

Shri Sai Moments -1 - Chand Patils Horse

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The ceramic Sai moments are created to celebrate some of the momentous incidents in Shri Sai’s timeline. Capturing the essence of some of such moments, have crafted them as stories ‘printed’ on stunningly unique ceramic sleek surfaces with a matt cork finish at the base.

One such moment is when Chand Patil a Mohammadan gentlemen from the village Dhoop of Aurangabad district in the Nizam’s state, lost his pet horse of whom he was very fond, while making a trip to Aurangabad. After searching for long, he chanced upon person (Shri Sai) with a cap on his head, a long robe (kafini), and a short stick (satka) under His arm, sitting under a mango tree. On learning about the lost horse, He advised him to look for it near a nala (stream). Chand Patil searched accordingly, and to his pleasant surprise, he found his horse and returned happily to Shri Sai with it and after witnessing few miracles, he understood that the person was not an ordinary person and hence with utmost respect and reverence invited Shri Sai to his house.

Precious stories, depicted interestingly as imprinted on unique ceramic photo frame which could be hung on wall or kept on a table.

Take your pick! Which one of the story appeals to you the most? Maybe you will find yourself spoilt for choice. 

Size : L 5.5 x H 8 Inches

Dimension L 5.5 x H 8 Inches
Material Ceramic

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