Sai Baba sitting in front of Dhuni Maa

Sai Baba sitting in front of Dhuni Maa

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The famous pose of Shri Shirdi Sai sitting in front of Dhuni Maa, has been referenced from one of the original photographs taken during Baba's period. The photo is one of the earliest photo of Sai Baba sitting in front of Dhuni Mai with His right hand next to His ear. It is of young Sai Baba. This photograph was taken in 1903 by a Photographer named Shri.Kashinath Gode from Pune.

There are deep connotations to this particular pose, from it reflecting a spiritual inward journey to mastering the senses and controlling the various ‘Jnaanderiyaas’.

Creating this hand-sculpted, unique, masterpiece for us was a journey of love for our beloved Master.

To be able to bring it forward for you, the devotees is a continuation of our continuous journey of ‘Gift a Blessing’!

Size: 12 Inch Height


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