2-In-One Sai Ceramic B/W Framed Photo

2-In-One Sai Ceramic B/W Framed Photo

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 A unique Framed 2-in-one block of four beautiful black and white supposedly original images of Shri Sai showcased for the ardent Sai devotee on a sleek ceramic base with cork matt base finish. The four images, namely, one of Shri He rests on the crossed foot. He is wearing a torn kafni (which became synonymous with Shri Sai’s image subsequently). He sports a knotted kind of headscarf,  which is traditionally over his left shoulder. He sits relaxed yet alert, leaning forward slightly. His expression is intense, all-knowing and compassionate.the Dhuni lit by Him in Dwarkamai. Supposedly an original photograph, it is one of the earliest photos of Shri Sai where He is seen as a young  This picture was taken by a photographer names Shri Kanth Gode from Pune in 1903. The Third image of Shri Sai wearing His usual Kafni standing in an open common area with a tumrel in his hand supposedly on His way to seeking alms or bhiksha is a rare capture and is a constant reminder of the immense respect He gave to His duty and Dharma of a Fakir to seek alms to subsist. The fourth image is another one of the famous pose of Shri Sai leaning against the outer wall of a house, looking at the camera. This is of a time when He seems frail and elderly. The devotees seem to be giving Him support by holding onto each of His arms with love and care. Supporting Shri Sai Baba's right arm is Nana Saheb Nimonka Gopalrao Mukundrao Butti is standing on the left side of Shri Sai. Bhagoji Shinde is holding the umbrella above Baba’s head and standing behind while Nana Chopadhar leads from the front. Rare pictures and a rare collection to have them all together, with a beautiful plastic easel stand. Yours to keep or gift!

Size 7 x 11

17 x 27 (In Centimeter)

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